Balanced Diet for Natural Beauty Skin

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healthy dietEating a balanced healthy diet is very important and effective in getting a healthy and glowing skin. A balanced diet combined with lot of sleep can work wonders for your skin and bring out a glow otherwise not possible. There are many natural solutions to acquiring a smooth flowing skin and some natural grace.

Berries like blueberry and strawberry and other fruits and vegetables like papaya, broccoli, guava and citrus fruits are all rich in Vitamin C. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C content helps to stimulate anti-ageing process in the skin, thus preventing wrinkles and crow’s feet from appearing early. These fruits and vegetables also provide the skin with cologne that helps in toning the skin as well as making it suppler and smoother.

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Neem is part of the traditional Ayurvedic dosage that is known to be a great blood purifier and detoxifier that will help achieving a healthy skin. It boosts the macrophage’s effectiveness and helps in enhancing the body’s immunity strength. Neem energizes the lymphocyte cells thus helping them to fight off the infections attacking the body. Commiphora mukul is another Ayurvedic medicine that helps to get a healthy skin by eliminating skin diseases, rashes etc.

avocado almondsAvocado, almonds, hazelnut and sunflower seeds are very good source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is very good against sunburns. It also helps to protect the skin from other damaging effects of sunlight e.g. excess pigmentation. Vitamin E is a very good anti aging nutrient too and helps in achieving a younger looking, glowing and radiant face that is free of any lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Alliums such as garlic or onion are also very good for the skin. Both garlic and onions are rich in sulfur that is good for the skin and makes it smoother and suppler. Both garlic and onion can be eaten raw or cooked.

If you have planned on a fiber rich diet, then there are chances of losing out on zinc content. Zinc is very good to cover the pores on the skin and make it look healthier and more radiant. You can always supplement zinc to your diet by taking another 12mg of it. Pumpkin seeds and oysters are both rich in zinc that repairs the skin damages if any and will give you smoother skin. Apart from vitamins and minerals drinking plenty of water is important to get a healthy skin.

Balanced Diet for Natural Beauty Skin
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