Colloidal Silver Water for Your Health

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Colloidal SilverColloidal silver refers to small particles of silver suspended in filtered or distilled water. The silver in colloid form is not heavy enough to settle down under gravity. It is small enough to be absorbed by the living cells of the body and use the metal for their benefits.

Colloidal silver has quite a few benefits. To start with it greatly improves body immune system and helps it to fight foreign pathogens and toxins that cause most of the diseases and medical complications.

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Anti-pathogen agent
Taking colloidal silver on a regular basis can ensure that your body is safe from harmful bacteria, fungi and virus. Colloidal silver eliminates the dangerous MRSA and rhinovirus, both of which are harmful virulent strains. It is a very good anti-fungal agent too. Most importantly, it kills harmful bacteria in the body.

The good thing is that colloidal silver doesn’t affect the helpful bacteria which are found in the digestive tract of the body. Colloidal silver functions as a catalyst for metabolic activity using up the oxygen and suffocating the virus and bacteria that it destroys. Another advantage of using colloidal silver is that unlike in case of other medicines, bacteria and virus are incapable of developing resistance against it.

Protects Respiratory system
Respiratory systemDangerous bacteria can get into the lungs and causing illness and damaging the respiratory system. Colloidal silver destroys such pathogens which infect the lungs and the respiratory tract. Colloidal silver opens up the air passages to help intake of oxygen. It is thus beneficial for respiratory problems like asthma and shortness of breath. It also prevents stress in the respiratory system.

Sinus problems which cause respiratory complications including congestion, inflammation of the mucus linings and shortness of breath can be treated with colloidal silver. It destroys harmful bacteria and fungi that are mainly responsible for the infection in the nasal linings.

Other Benefits
There are some types of bacteria and mainly fungi that adversely affect the skin causing rashes, boils, scars and other skin problems. Colloidal silver helps treat the skin by negating the harmful effect of the bacteria and the fungi. Colloidal silver also helps to slow down the acid production in the digestive tract which is stimulated by non digestion friendly food. Excess of this acid causes acid reflux disease. Harmful bacteria that infect the ears and the ear canals along with production of excess fluids in the ear are cured by colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver Water for Your Health
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