Crash Diet and Weight Loss Pills – Your Health at Risk

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Since the introduction of fast food in our lives especially in advance countries like America, UK and European countries, gaining extra weight in the bodies has become a problem for every house hold. You can see children, teens and adults suffering from obese. When they realize that something is wrong with their body shape, they immediately start looking for the ways to loose their extra pounds as quickly as possible.

They get number of options from their family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. When they don’t satisfied from the options they received from above people they turn to drug stores & they turn to the world of internet where they find countless claims of losing weight in just a week or two by maximum which is not possible by any healthy means.

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First of all which every one does is they reduce their eating without knowing the side effects of completely not eating or eating in very low quantity. Only a few percentages (less than six percent) of patients are successful in losing their extra pounds and obtaining health benefits by dieting. There are many bad effects of this kind of crash dieting which could not be seen in few weeks or months. These side effects do their job after few years and come in shape of blood pressure, diabetes etc. Therefore it is strongly recommended that before starting any “diet plan” one must consult an expert dietitian or a doctor who has specialization in the field.

Then if someone doesn’t get any result from dieting, they immediately turn to diet pills without knowing they fact diet pills are extremely dangerous for their health if not taken with proper consultation of doctor. Diet pills are used to loosen the stools. Two main components of diet pills are phenyl pro panolamine and caffeine. Most of the pills have or both of these.

diet pillsProblems occur when you only depend on these pills and don’t care about the diet and never think about the exercise for a healthy weight loss. The first can put very bad effects on a patient’s lungs and caffeine contained pills should not be taken as caffeine is used to treat diseases like allergies, hay fever and asthma. It is not to lose weight.

However, many researchers are finding ways to tackle obesity and other weight related problems. The reason behind this is that weight loss pills are responsible for depression, hair loss, heart attack, chest pain and other life taking diseases. Before using any diet pill or any diet program, one should not consider its side facts in days but in coming years.

The best way to lose weight is the natural way of loosing fat. Don’t over eat, go for proper exercise, have your sleep properly, if possible then go for swimming, go for cycling and above all try to live happily, believe in yourself that you can live longer, healthy and wealthy. Beside natural way of losing fat, you may also join any weight losing plan with proper dietary , and with professional medical consultation .

Crash Diet and Weight Loss Pills – Your Health at Risk
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