Did You Know Coffee Stabilize Heart Rhythm ?

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Skipped a heart beat when your date bent over you to say sweet nothings on one of your coffee dates ?
Have you been wary of the very many researches that belittle your wondrous cup of coffee as something that is harmful or you?

Well it is now our and your favorite coffee cups moment of glory as certain studies have brought to light the fact that coffee can actually stabilize the rhythm of the heart and that people who drink coffee can rest in peace as the research finds out that people who are in love with the concoction are less likely to be afflicted by anything like this anytime soon.

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The research seems to be very much valid because it was carried out by leading heart researchers and its findings were backed by and presented in the American Heart Associationā€˜s Conference in San Francisco. A recent study also points out to the fact that it can also reduce the risk of diabetes in the women who drink coffee.

There were minor hiccups in the report for coffee lovers where increased blood pressure is related to drinking coffee. A senior doctor, Dr. Arthur Klatsky was the pioneer of the study and he has stated that if one drinks around 4 cups of coffee in a day then one may reduce the chance of getting a heart attack by almost a good 20% which is not a mere figure.

This comes in wake of a lot of disgrace that coffee had to face when people linked it with hypertension and similar kinds of diseases, but this has gone to become a very important step for coffee lovers. Time and again people have also resorted to green coffee to do away with the ill-effects off coffee consumption.

coffee heart rhythmThere were no actual reasons given as to why coffee is responsible for the reduction in the heart rhythm, but certain studies have indicated that there is a particular hormone binding protein in coffee that has an important role to play in reducing the risk.

Researchers have claimed that people with irregular heartbeats may now be advised to include coffee in their diet if they are not on one already. So, all you coffee lovers out there have a gala time sipping your favorite mocha or cappuccino, minus the guilt trip. But as the Law of Nature says anything good or bad shows its virtues only when done in moderation, so balance it right.

Go and enjoy!

Did You Know Coffee Stabilize Heart Rhythm ?
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