Effective Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery

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Researchers have found that obesity is the major cause for various health problems including heart attack and stroke especially among the youth. Overweight can be reduced and brought under control to a limit if you are just a few pounds more than the normal weight. But if your BMI is more that 40, which means you weigh more than 100 pounds in case of male and 80 pounds in  case of female, just dieting and exercise will not give you desired results. In such situations, where quick weight loss is essential, Bariatric Surgery is the ultimate option before it was considered as the fastest and most effective treatment for obesity which gave long lasting results. But now studies have shown that bariatric surgery is also one of the best treatments for various metabolic diseases.

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Weight loss with bariatric surgery can be classified into two different procedures. The first one is restrictive procedure where the size of the stomach is made small in order to decrease the amount of food intake. The second is malabsorptive procedure in which the digestion process is altered by reducing that portion of the intestine that comes in contact with the food consumed, so that either the food is poorly digested or incompletely absorbed, which in turns ends up in the absorption of fewer calories. These two procedures can be performed through a laparoscopic surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery through laparoscopy is a boon to the obese patients as it is a fast, safe and effective alternative to other weight loss programs and open surgical procedures. Since the incision made is very small in laparoscopic surgery, less or no scar along with less wound complications is an added advantage. The patients can return to their normal daily life activities as there is less post operative pain and in most cases the patient gets complete recovery in one to two weeks.

Bariatric surgery is a life saving treatment for severe obesity but unlike liposuction, it does not remove the fatty cells from the body. It is very important that the patient should follow without any fail, the doctor’s recommendations on the amount and type of food you can eat after the surgery. Losing weight and being healthy will give you more self confidence and it improves and enhances the mental as well as the physical aspects of your life. Hence, to enjoy the benefits from bariatric surgery throughout your lifetime, it is advisable to include healthy eating and continuous exercise as a part of your daily life.

Effective Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery
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