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Liposuction is a permanent surgical solution for removal of fat from certain areas in the body such as the buttocks, hips, abdomen. Doctor’s term it as a minor surgery though the liposuction surgery is expensive. This kind of surgery is used where a patient has undergone unsuccessful weight loss programs. Most patients refer to the surgery as cosmetic surgery though liposuction is expensive but manageable.

The healing process for lipo suction post op takes about one to three months depending on how the patients have taken care of themselves, it also varies from one patient to another, the recovery period also the area and extensiveness of the surgery. Patients success results will be evident in a period of one to six months.

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Good exercise and weight control program is required to get the ultimate results. The patients will dig a bit deeper in the pockets because of liposuction expense. For quick recovery patients should avoid alcoholic drinks, instead they should embark on taking lots of fluids especially water and other kinds of healthy drinks.

The area where the surgery has been performed should be kept thoroughly clean and dry always to avoid infection. Patients should avoid using other skin products, ice parks may be because of the pain or any other thing that may cause slow healing process on the area where the surgery has been performed because you as a patient should take care of your health and remember that the lipo price is costly.

There are also high chances of infection if cleansing agents such as hydrogen peroxide is applied on the area, exposure of the operated area to water and excessive moisture.

Patient should make sure that after the surgery changing of the bandages as often as possible or as advised by the surgeon is crucial to the healing process and is of great importance hence cutting down the liposuction expense.

liposuction weight lossComfortable and the right garments should be put on by both the tumescent liposuction cost and ultrasonic liposuction cost patients, preferably cotton clothing .The clothing should be put on with care so as not to re-infect the wound and hence promote quick recovery.

Pain killers are recommended in the first week only to relieve the pain, the patients should not be left alone there should be someone near to assist the patients. Few ultrasonic liposuction and tumescent liposuction cost patients during recovery feel uncomfortable, generally a patient is up and about in a weeks time and though liposuction price is costly it’s recommended to those who are having weight loss control problems.

Research contributed by : Alex Styne

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