How Physical Therapy Works

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Have you ever wondered just exactly how physical therapy works? This health care profession, also called physiotherapy and abbreviated PT, focuses on the remediation of physical impairments brought on my disease or injury. The physical therapist promotes mobility, movement, functional ability and a patient’s quality of life through diagnosis and personalized rehabilitation plans.

During these rehabilitation sessions, which can take place over the course of a couple weeks or a couple years, a patient will feel less pain while their damaged muscles, nerves and joints heal.

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A physical therapist is the person who is in charge of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s injuries or disease and helps to restore and improve function. The physical therapist will assess joints for strength, balance and alignment. They also use a variety of tools to help assist in the rehabilitation process, including cardio machines, hot and cold packs, therapy balls, balance boards and more.

A physical therapist will receive years and years of education and training so that they know how to properly treat and diagnose patients. They can either hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college or university. All of them need to get licensure to be able to practice. Some of the courses physical therapists are required to take include ethics, exercise physiology, behavioral science, communication, human biology, physics, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy and more courses related to science and health.

These specialists can help to strength people’s muscles through a variety of exercises and also help them learn how to walk with canes or walkers so that they feel more independent. There are also physical therapy aids and physical therapy assistants that help with patient’s rehab too. These aids and assistants help to deliver physical interventions for patients and also deal with clerical tasks.

There are many different types of treatment techniques that physical therapists can use to help increase strength, flexibility, fitness and more. Some of these include ultrasound, deep tissue massage, electronic muscle stimulation, patient education, water therapy, cardio exercises, physical manipulation and applying heat and ice.

By using physical manipulation, a therapist is able to reduce muscle spasms and lengthen the contracting muscle to help it move back into its normal position.

There are many different types of physical therapy including pediatric, orthopedic, sports, neurological, geriatric, pulmonary and cardiovascular. While pediatric deals with young children, orthopedic centers on joint, muscle and bone injuries.  It is vital for a physical therapist to determine what kind of therapy a patient needs so that they can receive the care that is best for their treatment.

Physical therapy is an always increasing industry because more and more people need it. It helps to improve the quality of life for many people who cannot function because of a physical ailment. This can be very helpful so that they can lead normal lives and overcome their disabilities through therapy. Physical therapy can help them with this.

How Physical Therapy Works
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