Keeping Spine and Muscles Healthy

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For some people, walking can sometimes cause pain on their back and therefore other types of low-intensity exercise are recommended, especially those that involve water. In the following lines you will be presented with some ways to keep your back healthy at all times.

Benefits of walking
Everyone knows that walking is beneficial for our health. Here are some of the benefits you can expect :

  • Strengthens the leg muscles, feet, hips and buttocks. Walking increases the stability of the spine and muscles that support your body giving you strength to stand upright;
  • Feeds the spinal structures and also facilitates blood circulation, bringing nutrients and removing toxins tissue;
  • Improves flexibility and posture and, if combined with stretching exercises, it gives you more freedom of movement, avoiding uncontrolled movements and preventing injuries;
  • Strengthens bones and reduces bone density loss. Prevents osteoporosis and relieve pain for osteoarthritis ;
  • It helps in weight control. Any type of physical activity help maintain weight, especially as you get older your metabolism becomes sluggish.

Health Choices

To enjoy these benefits, there are certain rules to be observed, such as those below.
stretching exercises

Stretching before running
Before traveling a long distance, it is recommended to perform light stretching exercises to prepare your muscles, joints, and to gain more flexibility at the same time. Discuss with your specialist to recommend you some stretching exercises which include neck, hands and feet.


  • A vigorous walk is always recommended, but you should avoid running out of the air that is necessary for having a conversation;
  • You can start by walking for 5 minutes then reach the 30-minute walk at least 3-4 times per week;
  • Keep your good posture while walking in order to get even more benefits, to protect your back and avoid injuries

Head and shoulders : You have to keep your head erect and positioned midway between the shoulders, looking forward. Keep your shoulders relaxed, but straight. Avoid them facing forward;
Abdominal muscles : It is important to work your abdominal muscles so as to support your upper body and spine. For this, you must tighten your abdominal and keep your stomach pulled (like when you hold your breath).
Arms : Your arms should be kept close to your body and elbows bent at 90 degrees. During walking, the arms must be in constant motion (front and back), while moving in the opposite foot. Remember to keep your hands relaxed.

Keeping Spine and Muscles Healthy
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