The What Why And How Of Massage Sheets

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Massage sheets are especially designed linen for use in the massage industry. Emphasis is made on comfort, durability, and the ability to handle tough stains. These sheets are also sized for massage chairs and tables.

As a professional masseuse I will endeavor to discuss with you several massage sheets or linens, individually packaged, as well as “kits” that are being sold . The goal of this article is to discuss specific purchases as well as the best way to make a purchase.

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Individual Massage Sheets

If this is your first time to make a purchase from the seller as well as the specific brand, then it is better to purchase one item first. Don’t buy the cheapest; and not the most expensive either. By making the purchase you can then determine the overall quality of the item. If you are not satisfied, you can choose to avail yourself of the 30 day money back guarantee. If you are satisfied, then you can then plan your next purchase with more confidence.

Fabric Material

Several brands of linen e.g. EarthLite, NRG, Oakwoods, etc. These brands are not the most well-known but they can compete with the best.

Flannel Massage Sheets

Ask what materials are used on the flannel and in what percentage i.e. cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Flannel has looser strands, softer, and is virtually wrinkle-free. However it is also warmer and harder to clean.

Cotton Massage Sheets

Cotton is arguably the most common material for linen. Pure cotton is softer but cooler than cotton with synthetic materials added in. Egyptian cotton is the ultimate, but also most expensive. This is better used as an “under sheet” because it wrinkles easily. Adding a bit of polyester can help in wrinkle management though.

Bamboo Massage Sheets

More luxurious than cotton, and certainly more expensive, these sheets are plush, soft and virtually microbe free. Pay attention to shrinking and breathability issues. The best quality ones won’t be a problem. But lower quality ones are.

Muslin Massage Sheets

These are more substantial and warmer sheets. They are also warmer and stiffer, and more expensive than plain cotton or even flannel sheets.


These are combination of products from the same or different brands. Theoretically each item complements the other to form a workable system, and the purchase price is usually lower than when you buy individually. Whenever you buy a kit, make sure you are buying it because you need the group of items, or at least a majority of them. And buying the package is equal to or cheaper than buying the items you need individually. The same is true when buying “on sale” items. You buy because you REALLY need it and it just happens to be on sale, NOT because it is on sale, and you MIGHT need it.

Room Starter Kits

The basic room starter kit focuses more on the ambience of the massage room. Extensive starter kits will already include linens and sheets for the table. The advantage of this is that you maintain 1 motif.  Tip: a specific motif is well and good, but you should also make sure to add a bit of color, provided it complements the whole set.

Table Starter Kit

Assuming you have a naked massage table, you can fully dress it up with a basic table starter kit. In most cases the package will include a warming pad, massage sheet, massage pad.

Closing Tips

Materials and specific linens are well and good. But do not forget to double check the size of your table and the size of your massage sheets. This is especially true if you are buying “fitted” sheets. If you are not sure, measure your table then contact customer support.

The What Why And How Of Massage Sheets
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