Understanding The Advantages Of An Activator Adjusting Instrument

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Scrip Hessco carries nearly every medical supply and piece of equipment that a chiropractor would need in order to open and maintain a practice. Careful consideration is given to every item that is carried to ensure that it is the most effective solution available. The selection of items includes everything from acupuncture supplies up to full exercise machines that will help to build strength and increase range of motion. Some of the tools that are available have a very specific purpose. These tools are often hard to find for a reasonable price. One example of a specialty chiropractic tool is the Activator adjusting instrument.

An Activator adjusting instrument is a tool that is designed to help with spinal adjustments. The device is held in one hand and operated manually. It provides a chiropractor with a way to deliver a consistent force to a precise location that is often not achievable with the hands. A metal cylinder that is capped with a rubber tip is seated in a secure handle. The chiropractor is able to retract this cylinder into the handle and release it to provide a very fast and accurate force to a vertebrae or joint. The amount of force that is generated is adjustable so that multiple locations can be treated in a very short amount of time. The primary advantage of using the instrument is the ability to deliver precise pressure for spinal adjustments.

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The Activator adjusting instrument was developed because of many studies and years of research. The natural tendency of the body when a chiropractor is applying force to the spine is to immediately tense the muscles in the area. This automatic reaction is intended to help protect the body by creating a wall of solid muscle tissue that distributes pressure away from the bones. This sometimes makes it difficult to perform an alignment. The Activator adjusting instrument solves this problem by applying force in a very fast manner. The speed that the force is applied is faster than the muscles can react to the pressure. This results in a better and more accurate transfer of force that will move the targeted bone. The amount of force that is applied is actually very low despite the speed. This makes the instrument perfect for patients who are unable to receive a traditional adjustment that uses a high amount of manual thrust.
activator adjusting instrument
The Activator adjusting instrument is made from the highest quality materials available. It is manufactured to exacting specifications in order to meet the high standards necessary to perform safe and effective adjustments on patients. The Activator I adjusting instrument was the first device of this type to be manufactured. It remains the most durable and reliable adjusting instrument available because of the simple construction.

The Activator I adjusting instrument is just the first in a line of adjusting tools. There are several alternate versions available that each addresses a different patient need or chiropractic requirement. The Activator I remains the best choice for chiropractors who will be performing precise low-impact adjustments in the office. The other available models are more useful for chiropractors who want a digital measurement of force or who require a smaller device for treating delicate areas like the temporomandibular joint.

Understanding The Advantages Of An Activator Adjusting Instrument
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