Walking and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand

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Walking and weight loss go very much hand in hand. 3500 calories are equivalent to a pound of fat and hence should be the difference between the calorie intake and the calories spent for you to loss that pound. Walking is the simplest exercise that is not strenuous, is often relaxing and not only helps in burning some calories but also helps in proper blood circulation keeping heart diseases away.

Walking helps in many ways. First of all it helps you burn some calories to cover the distance. Besides, it also helps you build muscles that will use up some extra calories which are good to not add fat to your body. Finally, the movement of arms and the stride itself ensures other parts of the body are moving too while you are walking ensuring more calories are spent.

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walking exercise heart beatWalking at a good pace is the optimum way to burn maximum calories. This way, you are burning the fat reserves of your body rather than the sugars available. This also helps increase the metabolism rate in the body ensuring they are higher all day and that you don’t gain any more fat deposits rather lose them if they are building. Five to ten minutes of easy walking right at the beginning is a good way to warm up and to let the body know that you will be beginning an activity that will take some time and energy.

Generally, the heart beat rate during the optimal walking speed should be around 70% of the maximum heart rate. After warming up for around ten minutes, you should continue walking at a good pace for almost half an hour before you finally slow down and finish off with some gentle stretching for maximum benefits. Walking is a very good aerobic exercise which means it is very beneficial for the cardio vascular system. It helps in good blood circulation, normal heart without high blood pressure and most important helps avoid any heart disease.

Walking is hence beneficial in many aspects to the body. Firstly, it helps build some muscle thus helping to burn off the extra calories instead of them adding to the fat reserves. Secondly, walking helps the circulatory system of the body. Thirdly, it itself burns quite a few calories and also increases the rate of metabolism, leading to overall burning of calories all through the day. Lastly it keeps diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. away.

Walking and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand
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