Weight Loss Tips for Women Over Forty

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Gone are the days when people think that women at 40 are oldies. Now when you reach 40, its means, its time for enjoyment or even better to say, it’s the time to chill out. You will be having grown up kids who can take care of themselves, which again means that its time to take care of yourself. From the time you are a mother, you have been running after your kids because you know that they can’t do anything without you. But now as they have attained maturity and don’t need your help on every single step they walk, you can sit back and relax, think about yourself and your body. Doesn’t your body needs a little shaping up? Yes, it does. So it is a good idea to follow some basic health tips to stay fit as you grow old. If you want to know weight loss tips, read ahead.

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If you are a person who loves junk foods and snacks such as cookies or chips, its high time to cut down on them and chose mixed nuts, low fat yogurt or other veggie sticks which are not only healthy but also keep your stomach full for two to three hours. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day as it helps to wash away the harmful toxins from your body. You can opt for green tea or black tea for a change, but try to reduce the intake of sugar or sweetener. If you feel like having a glass of juice, make one at home with fresh fruits but again without sugar. It is better to avoid canned or packet juices, or even for that matter, fresh juices from outside, as they all contain added sugars, the quantity of which is far more than the daily requirement.

Weight Loss Tips

Have five to six small meals rather than having three big meals a day and make it a point to include carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and vegetables in your daily menu. Avoid or if possible at least reduce the consumption of alcohol, carbonated drinks and caffeine.

Try to do any exercise for at least thirty minutes a day and make it a daily routine or see to it that you workout at least 5 days a week. If you get bored with the same exercises, every time try a different workout like walking, skipping, jogging or swimming. If you like dancing, you can also join some salsa classes or such other training classes. Most important of all is that you should get enough rest at this age. At least 8 hours of relaxed sleep is recommended even by health experts. Keeping all these points in mind weight loss is now just a matter of few weeks.

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over Forty
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